A visual and conceptual exploration based on our time spent with a small community from the Mishing Tribe of Assam


A River, Rain + Rice


The three driving forces of the Mishing year.  

When the wet season approaches, and the Brahmaputra River swells to its limits on its journey down to Bangladesh; the season for rice farming begins on the plains.  

The Mishing people, synchronised with the renewed energy of the river, ready their hands for the coming work ahead to refill their storehouses.  

When the rain dries up at the end of the season, the river subsides and stills, and the time for a slower lifestyle begins.  

In these relaxed months, the rhythmic clack of the shuttle as it slides across the loom forms the background ambience to the many hands, now free of farming tools, occupied on perfecting their technique to conquer the karom board. 

This lifestyle of a resting half year seems so foreign and unattainable in our Australian working culture. We find ourselves in a consistent 48 week year where the seasons seem to drift by without a change to our routine.  

This collection aims to reintroduce this work rest balance back into our busy lives, step by step. Understanding the need to catch a break where possible and nudging towards the nirvana of the Mishing balance.