At Aiyope, we are all about making things based on our experiences, for people we encounter, and with a story we hope will connect you to each piece so you’ll treasure it far beyond a season.


Good Practice Studio Aiyope

Back in 2011, while Samantha and Patrick were on exchange for university in New Delhi, they came up with the idea of Good Practice Studio: A multidisciplinary design studio which aimed to fuse a contemporary Australian design upbringing with access to an incredibly skilled, varied and strong tradition of Indian craftsmanship. Five years on and Good Practice Studio established in 2016 as a collective set up between Brisbane, Australia and New Delhi, India from which their studio label, Aiyope, emerged. The intention behind this relocation was to use Delhi as a base for travelling around different parts of India seeking out crafts, cultures, traditions and people on which to draw inspiration for contemporary clothing, furniture and homewares. Basing the studio in India, Samantha and Patrick are trying to bring a down to earth Australian approach to life in Delhi. 

Patrick Hayes Samantha Delgos Designers
Growing up in rural Queensland our family had an explorative and artistic home life due to my mother who was an artist and woodworker. I think it was her influence which played a large role for me in forming my creative aptitude early on. I moved to Brisbane to pursue a career in design and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion) and Business at the Queensland University of Technology. What has always interested me in design is balancing the form of a garment as a canvas for art with it’s primary function of utility. Over the past five years I’ve become increasingly curious about how I can apply this within the context of India’s rich textile history and culture through my practice.
— Samantha
I have been exposed to architecture from a young age, being brought out to building sites since I was 6 years old by my father who was an architect and builder. I completed both my Bachelor and Masters studies in architecture at Queensland University of Technology, but always felt more interested designing on a smaller scale and decided after working for 3 years in the architectural industry it was time to make the switch to furniture design. It was my work in sculpture that led me to designing, making and exploring the possibilities for furniture. I see design simply as a process of both problem finding and solving, with the scale simply changing the technology and manufacturing processes.
— Patrick
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